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It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with the Celéri Health platform. If there is any feedback you’d like to provide on how we can better support your practice or should you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to be in touch at

Getting Started Guide

To begin a 60-day trial, go to and register. Once complete, you will arrive at the Dashboard home screen. Select your profile name in the top right corner and then select ‘Settings’. From there, membership and subscription details can be updated.
Once you have signed up for the free trial** and enter your credit card, you will receive two Celéri patient tablets via an agreed upon method of shipping. Upon receiving the tablets, connect the patient tablet to your Wi-Fi and sign-in using the credentials created at registration. You can then add (or upload) patient information and begin administering the assessments. Patient reports can be printed, downloaded, or copied into your clipboard. 
How to Get Started Guide is mailed along with the tablets and additional resources are available online. Live demonstrations via videoconference may be requested by contacting Chris Mellor, Vice President of Business Development, at You may also contact Customer Service throughout the trial period at   
Once the free-trial has ended, your account will be converted to a paid subscription and your credit card on file will be charged $329 per billable provider account. If you are interested in integrating Celéri with your EMR, please reach out to Chris Mellor or Customer Service to begin that process. The monthly subscription price for integrated accounts is $399 per billable provider.

You can cancel your subscription or trial at anytime. Once cancelled, you must buy the tablets ($125 each) or return them to Celéri Health. Subscribers who remain on the platform for 6-months or longer will have their tablet fees waived.
The Celéri Platform is a monthly subscription. Pricing is per member per month. Two initial Patient Tablets are provided and are included in the cost. Additional tablets (including replacements) are priced at $125 each, plus shipping. For more details, please contact Celéri Health at  
Once you have registered and created an account on the Celéri Platform, your 60-day trial will begin. At the end of the trial period, your paid subscription will be activated and your credit card charged on a recurring monthly basis.
Additional tablets may be purchased fully configured for $125 + shipping and handling.  Please visit the Celéri Health Store or contact Customer Support at to order. 
All major credit cards are accepted.  To purchase a subscription or discuss enterprise pricing for large practices, e-mail us at
Select your profile name in the top right corner and select ‘Settings’. Use the left-hand navigation and select ‘Practices’. Select the gear icon next to your name. Follow prompts to upload your practice logo. For re-sizing, email
To upload patient records, sign into the Celéri Dashboard, click on ‘Patients’, select ‘Choose File’, then select ‘Import’.
Once registered, login to Celéri Client, select the desired assessment, hand the tablet to the patient and click the start button. The patient then completes the assessment which will end on a locked screen.  
Psychological testing helps identify the psychological and social factors that may be worsening, or at least not helping, a patient’s pain complaint. A number of psychological assessments are reimbursable and can be performed or supported using the Celéri Health platform.  
Codes supported wholly or partially by the assessments that the Celéri Health Platform provides include, but are not limited to: 
  • CPT 96127 (up to x4 per encounter) Brief emotional/behavioral assessment (e.g., depression inventory, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] scale), with scoring and documentation, per standardized instrument    
  • CPT 96136 Psychological or neuropsychological test administration and scoring by physician or other qualified healthcare professional, two or more tests, any method; first 30 minutes  
For questions about other CPT codes that may be reimbursed, please feel free to contact Customer Service at Billing and coding specialists should be consulted to determine local coverage and reimbursement requirements.   
Helpful tools and resources are available in the Celéri Platform Dashboard under ‘Links’. Always feel free to also reach out to the Celéri Customer Service Team at
Patient reports can be included in the encounter in several ways without EHR integration.

1. Copy into your note 
The patient report has a ‘copy .txt’ icon in the upper left-hand corner that will copy a narrative text of the report to your clipboard.

2. Download from Celéri 
Celéri reports can be downloaded individually at any time from your practice dashboard.

3. Access on Dropbox or Google Drive 
If you have connected a HIPAA-compliant Dropbox® or Google Drive® (see Getting Started Guide) PDF reports are organized by medical record number and date of service in the designated folder. 
Don’t worry – your data is safe! When the trial ends a subscription is needed to continue using the Celéri platform. On the Dashboard, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Settings’.  Click on ‘Practices’ and then on the gear to edit practice settings.   
All data is encrypted and stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server.  See the BAA.

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