Patient-centric. Provider-centric. Data-driven.

Commit to a win-win-win philosophy in which Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data helps physicians care, patients learn, and medical science evolve.


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Send assessments to patients by e-mail, text, or on a tablet in the clinic


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Practice integration

A plan for everyone

Our platform fits into your practice in a number of ways depending on your electronic medical record (EMR) system. If you have a Celéri-integrated EMR, results will be available in the patient chart when they are completed. If you are not integrated, reports can be delivered automatically to your HIPAA-compliant Dropbox account, and/or they can be accessed directly on the Celéri portal.

Explore the benefits of PROs with Celéri Health


PROs are the standard assessment tools in clinical trials and registries.

Efficient Workflow

PROs can be coupled with intake forms to reduce workflow redundancy, populate clinical notes, and reduce documentation time.

Digital Health Intervention

Predict care needs, stratify risk, and identify red flags in real-time. Celéri allows clinicians to focus resources on high impact patients to improve outcomes and value.

Provider-Centric Solution

Shifts burden of data input to the patient with integrated PRO assessments and patient intake tools.

Patient-Centric Solution

Provide an objective, measurable basis for treatment, maximize face-to-face time with their doctor, benefit from tailored educational offerings.
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