Disease stories are hidden in the data.

Boutique research, analytics, registries, tools and data curation solutions to deliver just-in-time disease and patient data at scale.



Revolutionizing Disease Through Data Storytelling 

At Celéri Health, we specialize in harnessing data to transform patient care. Our unique portfolio, built on a proprietary platform, is dedicated to collecting and utilizing disease (pain, oncology, behavioral health, etc) data. From patient-reported outcomes to the world’s largest pain dataset, we’re revolutionizing boutique research – and point-of-care planning. 


Our Pain Products

For Industry & Providers

PainIntel offers advanced analytics capabilities to understand pain patterns and patient responses. By leveraging data-driven insights, this tool aids in personalizing pain management strategies, ensuring each patient receives tailored care based on their unique pain profile.

Also available – PainIntel™ for Employers.

PainRWD Science Cloud
For Life Sciences

The world’s only EHR-derived, novel pain dataset that supports fast RWE insights, R&D intelligence and transformative data science for researchers. Over 180k pain cases with a depth of over 200 data elements per case, including concomitant medications, co-morbid conditions, SDOH and validated PROs such as PROMIS-29, NRS, Oswestry, and more.  

PainExplorer™ Research Group
For Researchers

Designed for quick project deployment and high quality data collection, PainExplorer™ ensures compliance and participant management ease. Ideal for multi-indication device studies and dynamic research needs. Leverage support for dynamic visits, biometric data gathering and treatments.


Disease Cohorts for Community Collaboration

Our Science Cloud contains ready-to-use disease cohorts for collaboration and analysis.

To improve the research and management of disease, a greater understanding is needed on the heterogeneity of patients is. needed. Yet old-school epidemiological and clinical research traditionally imposes constraints that prevent us from assessing the holistic view of a patient. Live real-world data changes the game

Celéri Health Announces First Of Its Kind PainRWD™ Science Cloud for Rapid Pain Data Collaboration

“We have a responsibility to enhance the lives of patients coping with pain and we are going to continue to innovate to meet our commitment.” – Celéri Health President and CEO, Sean McCrossen

Let us model your target cohort or host your registry with layers of correlative datasets. That is where the answers come out of hiding.

Join the pain care innovation now!

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