PainIntel for Employers

Minimize Employee Risk by Leveraging our Deep Data Insight from Pain Score Monitoring and Analytics

Pain Scores are powerful indicators.  If someone is in pain, they may also be suffering in many more ways – emotionally, physically and socially.  All of this can impact the risk surrounding an employees use of health resources, risk of injury, absenteeism, longevity, team participation and much more.  These are inherent cost drivers.

PainIntel™ is trusted by pain physicians to monitor pain patient response to treatment and to gather patient reported outcomes. The intelligent system connects with any HRIS system, engages with employees, gathers their consent, surveys them for their pain rating and delves deeper when the pain meets a certain thresh-hold.

The ongoing pain scores show on a dashboard so that at any given moment you can see what % of employees are experiencing pain, any profiles such as previous workplace injury, disability, social profile, etc. We bi-directionally share all of the pain data back to your HRIS system.  It is truly profound intelligence.  

  • Employees suffering chronic pain miss on average 10.3 workdays per year compared to only 2.8 days for those not experiencing pain. This equates to lost wages of $79.9 billion.

  • Annual productivity costs to employers reach a startling $216 billion.

  • Fewer large employers are self-funding their health benefits as they continue to see their costs increase, and the rise in the number of workers in chronic pain is partially to blame.

  • U.S. health care costs for pain medications alone has risen to $100 billion a year and approximately $300 billion is spent on alternative therapies to address pain.

Empower Your Risk Management with PainIntel

Leverage real-time patient-reported outcomes and biometric data to provide a more personalized and evidence-based understanding of your employee’s suffering from pain conditions. With PainIntel, you can gather ongoing pain ratings, satisfaction on treatment progress, identify potential red flags, and engage employees in self-management. Join us in the pain data revolution and see the difference comprehensive data can make in reducing risk and costs.

Social Determinant
Correlative Data

Evaluate employee's social and economic challenges, enabling more personalized care and support.

Command Center

Access a powerful Data Visualization Dashboard to quickly identify trends and patterns in employee data for more informed decisions.

Pain Pathway Algorithm

Gather automated data from your employees at key intervals in their condition, events, disability period, etc.

Visual Pain Mapping

Allow employees to continually identify pain areas on a digital image of the human body, providing an accurate representation of their symptoms for improved risk management, diagnosis and treatment.

Custom Assessments

Design tailored forms and questionnaires to gather custom employee information for better-informed treatment plans and decisions.

Physicians Continue to Rely on PainIntel 

to Revolutionize Pain Management with Real-Time Data

If You Can’t Measure Pain,
You Can’t Improve It. 

If You Can’t
Measure Pain, You Can’t Improve It. 

PainIntel allows medical professionals to treat each patient encounter like a study visit, pharma and device companies to measure real world outcomes of their therapy, and payers to pay for outcomes.  Through our multichannel high-resolution data Capture, we collect clinically validated patient-reported outcomes and translate them into a common measurement language. We also marry the subjective (PROs) with the objective (e.g. HRV, EEG, and urine biomarkers).

PayersProvidersPROsDrug HistoryMedical HistoryPhysiologicalObjective DataProprietary Analytics EngineCeléri PainIntel™ PlatformDashboardinsights, analytics, predictive analytics and outcomes measurements

PainIntel Easily Integrates with Your Existing HIS systems

PainIntel Easily Integrates with your Existing HIS Systems

PayersProvidersPROsDrug HistoryMedical HistoryPhysiologicalObjective DataProprietary Analytics EngineCeléri PainIntel™ PlatformDashboardinsights, analytics, predictive analytics and outcomes measurements

Gather Validated Outcomes with Custom Pathways

Association Scale
Body Map with NRS
Body Map with Pain History
Body Map with Pain History - Follow-Up
Central Sensitisation Inventory
Health Related Social Needs Screening Tool (CMS)
Modified Japanese Orthopaedic
Neck Disability Index
Opioid Risk Tool for Opioid Abuse
Oswestry Disability Index
Pain Catastrophizing Scale
Patient Global Impression of Change
Patient Intake
PCL-5 (Past Month)
PCL-5 (Past Week)
PROMIS Neuropathic Pain Quality
PROMIS Nociceptive Pain Quality
PROMIS Pain Prescription Med Misuse
PTSD CheckList - Civilian Version
Roland‐Morris Disability Questionnaire
Spine Impact CAT
Substance Abuse Panel
VAS Back
Visual Analogue Scale
Watts Connectedness Scale (WCS)
ZCQ Patient Satisfaction
ZCQ Post-Procedure (Physical Function, Symptom Severity, Patient Satisfaction)
ZCQ Pre-Procedure (Physical Function, Symptom Severity)
Zurich Claudication Questionnaire
and more…

Gain instant access to the PainIntel platform with no payments for 6 whole months!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In fact, we pay all the costs of integration because it is so essential to the depth of your pain registry and its analytics.

PROMIS – 29, NRS, Oswestry Disability Index, Neck Disability Index, Pain Catastrophizing Scale, Opioid Risk Tool, and 10 others. We also have an electronic BodyMap (see below) and custom intake forms. We offer remote data gathering through devices such as Apple Health, Google Health, and Oura Ring.

Yes. And we remind patients to answer questions specific to their pain sites, to ensure their PROs are completed accurately.

Yes. At a minimum, they answer PROs and other questionnaires via secure SMS, email – or tablets in your office. If you use our Care Management module, they download a mobile app to initiate and receive digital care with your team.

Should you choose, you may file medically necessary claims for the assessments gathered by your licensed PainIntel. See our Blog posts for information about CPT 96127 and its use. There are other reimbursement conditions for leveraging PROs such as MIPS participation and chronic pain codes.

No. All of the work around configuration of PainIntel happens at the kickoff. We build your algorithmic Pain Pathway that gathers data according to your own practice and research strategy. Your staff can easily use PainIntel to further customize patient-level data gathering based on care plan updates and data needs.

Yes, for every colleague you refer to PainIntel – who becomes a client – we give you a free year in your license term.

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